• Resurrecting Your Life Purpose: Discover the purpose you came into this world to fulfill.
  • Finding Your Soulmate: Do you believe in true love?
  • Getting High On Meditation: Experience higher self and receive love and healing.
  • Business Empowerment Coaching: Guiding you to the infinite well of prosperity.
  • Soul Health Healing: Targeting your mental health through your soul.

Do you feel lost?

Are you aching to discover your purpose?

Have you found your spiritual guru yet?

Life Purpose Shaman has been the secret behind the success of countless billionaire business people, players in the NFL & NBA, as well as Hollywood directors, producers, Grammy-nominated artists, and leaders in DC. Known as America’s Best Kept Secret, Shaman is the most powerful intuitive in the world. She has the secret to connecting her students to the infinite well of prosperity, love, and fulfillment.

Shaman has been speaking for well over 30 years to thousands of people. She has taught from Los Angeles to Singapore and many places in between. She helps by connecting to the root of the issue within a person and/or organization and releases the blockages. Whether a person is seeking their soulmate, or a CEO wants to build a purpose-aligned team, Shaman has the answers and the gift to get the job done. Your dreams are within your grasp once you allow her to get you energetically in balance and in alignment with your truth. Shaman is the inspirational speaker and transformational coach you need at your next event. Her book, “Spiritual Table Talk,” is upcoming in 2023.

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